Perfume and Cologne – Best Ways to Wear the Best Perfume and Best Cologne

How should I wear Perfume the right way?

This is the question I encountered whenever I deliver a perfume or cologne to a customer of mine.  Looking back into the history of perfume and cologne, there are probably hundred of ways where cologne or perfume can be applied.  I have put together some interesting ways where fragrances can be applied effectively.

The 1-2-3 Method – This method of application requires you apply it three times.  You first apply it at arms length on your left shoulder, then on your right and finally above the head.

The Walk-through Method – The walk-through method is where you spray some cologne or perfume into the air and then walk into it.  Letting the fragrance settle evenly over the top half of your body.

The Spray ‘n Spin Method – Similar to the walk-through method, this method requires you to spray into the air and walk into it and spin around.  The fragrance will be evenly apply to the whole top half of you body and back.

The Naughty Mist Method – This is method is cheeky and good when you are going to get intimate with someone and want to smell fresh down there.  What you need to do is simply to spray the cologne or perfume down your pants into your private areas.

The Gentlemen Method – This method is most commonly practiced by most people.  The perfume or cologne is apply about 1 to 2 inches away from your wrist(s) and neck.  These are considered the pulse points (your neck your wrists, your elbows, behind your knees and in your cleavage).  In these areas, the blood flows closer to the surface of your skin, and this creates heat, which makes the scent of the fragrance more intense.  

Perfume or cologne is best applied before you get dressed, as even the best perfume and best cologne can stain your clothes.  If you do unknowingly get any on your clothes, there are a couple of things you can do to clear the stains.  Firstly, soak the stained area with warm water, and wash as soon as possible.  If this doesn’t loosen the stain, try applying some stain remover, but for stubborn stains try using a bit of ammonia to treat them.  If those clothes are due for dry cleaning, be sure to physically point out the stain and let them know that it was caused by perfume.  They can then treat it accordingly.

These are a few ways where perfume and cologne can be worn.  Most of these are tried and true ways, so get out there and try some of these yourself and see which one works best for you.

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