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Maison de Cartier in most famous for its expensive jewelry and wrist watch designs. The company has been going for one hundred and fifty years, and has a many celebrated pieces to it name. The Santos wristwatch was developed and launched in 1904, and from then on success has followed.

In 1981, the jeweler Cartier launched a new and interesting range dealing with a total look for the approach to personal styling with jewelry pieces to match. They launched a perfume and entered the men’s personal styling and grooming industry, by creating the Santos de Cartier fragrance for men. Over time the company has built a solid and reputable following in designing and launching elegant and expensive perfumes for the very rich and luxury market.

Success after success has followed with Santos de Cartier in 1981, the first perfume created by Maison de Cartier. It is a very vibrant fragrance designed for used in wintry conditions or in the chill of the evening, giving off a deep sense of freshness and a feeling of green. The fragrance is more for the mature and sensual type of man, who knows how to look well groomed. The scent is a heady and strong mixture of floral and wood spice. The upper layer of the fragrance has oils like lavender, juniper berry, basil, lemon verbena, and bergamot. The middle of the perfume has spiciness to it as it contains rosemary, nutmeg, vetiver, geranium and pepper, followed by a basic scent created from sandalwood, amber, patchouli, coconut, cedar and vanilla. Although he used some really humble ingredients, the perfume is unmistakably masculine in it inception and sense.

This was followed by Must de Cartier for women in 1981, launched by Jean-Jacques Diener. There are several layers to this elegant and charming fragrance as it start off by light hearted and full of citrus smells. The perfume is totally ideal for wearing in cool weather conditions and is a true classic of it own standing. As the day progresses the scent becomes naughtier with a sense of being flowery and fruity, and the nest you it has become heavy and musky.

The Must de Cartier is packaged in an expensive way and looks very sensual and has a dark elixir look to in the bottle. If used correctly, it could make for a night of passion, romance and seduction, all leading to a crazy feeling of being wanton and abandonment. It is not a fragrance for the faint hearted, more for the elegant, experienced woman. It would be wasted on a young girl. It does have some sophisticated ingredients such as aldhydes, pineapple, green mandarin, galbanum, peach, bergamot, brazilian rosewood and lemon in its upper layers. As the body temperature gets hotter, the middle layer develops, and that has a blend of carnation, leather, yellow, narcissus, musk, orchid, orris root, jasmine, vetiver, neroli, yling-ylang and rose. As the evening wears off it has a sense of the following amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla, vetiver and civet.

Eau de Cartier was officially launched in 2001 under the aegis of Christine Nagel of Quest Cartier and is bisexual perfume with a strong citrus aroma. It owes its early conception to the big success of Déclaration Perfume, a daytime eau de toilette for men which first came on the market in 1998. But the nature of the fragrance is such, that it is popular with women as well. But there is down side to using this fragrance and that is that it only lasted 20 minutes. But there are other alternatives to it like Eau de Cartier Concentree. This awesome perfume contains some very strong layers of coriander, yuzu, and bergamot. It has the middle of violet leaf, lavender and violet with the base heady notes of cedar,patchouli, musk and white amber. Such a lively perfume is a must for the all corporate woman executive who lives in a man’s world. It reeks of appointments, schedules, interviews and sales presentations to big companies.

The Cartier Panthere Perfume has built up a good reputation over time since it was launched in 1987 and is a bold, smooth and divine. It’s more in keeping with the casual image and is suitable for older women and someone in their teens. It does contain a sweet blend of labdanum, ginger, orange blossom, mandarin orange, pepper, grapefruit and rose. It has a dominant middle layer of nutmeg, carnation, tuberose, iris, gardenia, freesia, jasmine, karo-korund, vetiver, heliotrope, ylang-ylang and narcissus. This followed by the basic volume of sandalwood, tonka beans, amber, patchouli, musk, civet, vanilla, oakmoss, incense and cedar.

In 2006 Christine Nagel launched Delices de Cartier which has the classic allure of a rich, bold, feminine coupled with underhandedness of being sugary sweet. When you first apply the perfume you are struck by how sparkly the fragrance is and it has a strong pepper aroma to it. Eventually as your skin gets used to it one gets a sense of fruitiness followed by a sharp clear smell contrasting vibrantly with a floral accord. Hardly surprising when the middle of the scent contains a lot of violet, freesia, and jasmine, followed by sandalwood, tonka beans and amber. It has long lasting power to keep the mature, sensual woman going through the day.

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