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In the beginning, Creed, a world famous perfume house was created in London in 1760 by James H. Creed. The House of Creed has created top perfumes for the past two hundred and forty nine years. This company has a strong work ethic and each scent is made to perfection. The company mandates that each one of its products is individually made perfect.

This company strongly believes that the use of making perfume by hand as well as utilizing maceration and filtration is required in a perfumery. Creed maintains high standards and utilizes natural ingredients in its products. Creed has created over two hundred original fragrances by hand.

Creed provides for a world class clientele like royalty. Queen Victoria utilized Creed as the perfume for the royals. Hollywood stars, top athletes, politicians and others have also enjoyed the quality fragrances.

Trained under his father, Olivier Creed became a master perfumer in 1975. He has created some of the most popular scents. Some of the collections include Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial, Spring Flower, Love in White and Acqua Fiorentina.

Created in the eighties for Audrey Hepburn, Spring Flower perfume became her signature scent. In 1993, Audrey Hepburn passed away and the fragrance was released to the public in 1996. It became very popular to which the company re-released it in 2006 which completely new packaging.

The popularity of Spring Flower is for the person who wants to brighten their day. It is designed for casual use. The experience begins with a fruity fresh blend of peach, apricot, apple and melon. The fruit fragrance fades into a spring fling filled with the smells of spring such as jasmine and rose.

The fragrance comes in a eau de parfum of one ounce, two and a half ounces in a spray bottle or a little over eight ounce bottle. Prices will vary but can be about one hundred twenty five to three hundred and fifty dollars.

Another perfume created by Creed is the Fleurissimo perfume. This perfume was created and launched in 1972. It was designed as a floral fragrance for women. The fragrance is a blend of tuberose, Bulgarian rose, violet and Florentine irises. It was created by Prince Ranier of Monaco for Grace Kelly. This fragrance is sure to make any woman feel like a princess.

This light scent is sure to please. It encompasses floral scents with a woody undertone. This fragrance does not last past four hours so keep it ready in your purse for reapplication. This fragrance is available in one ounce, two and a half ounce spray and a little over eight ounce bottles. The prices range from one hundred and twenty five dollars to about three hundred and fifty dollars.

The Acqua Fiorentina perfume was released in September 2009 in high end retail stores. Stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Sak’s Fifth Avenue were stores that the scent graced its shelves. This fragrance is one to look forward to trying. This fragrance features plum, bergamot orange, lemon, cedar and sandalwood. This lovely blend of scents results in a tart plum fragrance with a touch of rose, lemon and cedar to enjoy. The depth of this wonderful fragrance is truly amazing.

This fragrance can be purchased in one ounce, two and a half ounces and a little over eight ounces. Prices do vary between one hundred and thirty dollars and three hundred and fifty dollars. A portion of the proceeds from this fragrance are being donated to the National Breast Cancer Coalition fund.

If one would like to try Creed samples, the company does supply them from time to time. Typically the samples are offered when new fragrances are being launched. There are discounted Creed fragrances for sale. A person should do an internet search to see what they can find. Deals are to be had. A savings of ten to twenty percent off the regular price may be found. It is worth searching but just ensures that you are receiving a quality item and not a knock off.

Creed perfume is a wonderful top notch perfume company that has been in business for seven generations and it is still run by family today. Their perfumes are among the top in the world and every individual fragrance is created by hand. When given the time to perfect the fragrance, you can be sure to be getting top of the line products when you are purchasing perfumes or cologne from Creed.

Creed also provides a line of body lotions in a woman’s favorite scent. This lotion is moisturizing and wonderful for the skin. Made with the best ingredients, there is not a better way to fight dry skin and smell wonderful. This is definitely the place where a woman can locate a scent to her liking.

To test a sample, visit a local high end department store. Have a customer service person assist you and figure out which scent you prefer. A person can purchase the perfume in person at the store or on the internet and have it delivered right to the front door. Whichever way a person decides, they will truly be happy with their purchase. Creed exhibits luxury to any woman who experiences the scents.

Creed has been a wonderful perfumery that has held the attention of royalty. The upper elite love the fragrances. The care given to each batch is remarkable in this day of automation. From the Creed perfume reviews gathered from the internet. Creed is definitely a company that enjoys providing superb products to its faithful customers. Priced economically for the extreme care each bottle of Creed perfumes receive.  A person cannot go wrong with splurging on a bottle in their favorite scent. Dare to pamper yourself and you will be glad that you did.

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