Feel Fresh and Clean With Issey Miyake Aftershave

For the past 18 years since 1992 the launch of the first Issey Miyake perfume, the L’eau D’Issey for women, famous fashion designer Issey Miyake has established a fine line of fragrances for women and men.  Issey Miyake aftershave is one good example of a great product created by him.  When he first started in the business perfumery, he began with an inspiration to create something as natural as water.  With that in mind, he together with Chantal Roos created his first aquatic-floral fragrance that portray a fresh and refreshing scents of the ocean, just like a soothing refreshing breeze of the ocean on a hot sunny day at the beach.

Issey Miyake for men is similar to its women version except that it has more masculine feels in it through its mixtures of citrus, musk, woods, amber and spice.  One reason why it has been popular with the men is its light lingering scents that is not overpowering but yet lasting.  As noted through the numerous reviews, men who like Issey Miyake aftershave are also known to be loyal customers of famous designer perfumes like Hugo Boss, Polo Sport and Tommy Hilfiger, etc.  However Issey Miyake is known among them to provide better quality scents that have additional elements in it that makes it long lasting and complex.

One of the most important things that will perk a man up in the morning of a long working day is the aftershave.  A good aftershave will provide men with the refreshing feels he requires right after his morning shower.  Besides being refreshing, the aftershave must be able to make the men feel fresh and clean all day long, even if it is under the hot summer heat.  An aftershave that contains a light citrus scent will provides men with the freshness he needs all day long. When coupled together with a light musky and woody undertone, the superb combination will allows the men to feel fresh and clean.

Another thing I look out for when selecting my aftershave is the feel after applying it.  The aftershave should provide me with a silky and smooth feels after application and that will be the best condition for me to last through the day.  Issey Miyake after shave is one such aftershave that fulfills all the criteria that I have stated above.  Besides fulfilling all the criteria, it has also superseded that with its long lasting power.  Not all aftershave in the market today provides us with a light and yet long lasting scents.  Majority is either too overpowering or has poor lasting power.  Therefore if you are looking for a good aftershave that will provides you will the fresh and clean feels that is light and yet long lasting, Issey Miyake aftershave is the best choice you have got.

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