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Britain had been the powerhouse of the music industry in the 80’s, with numerous artists, such as Visage, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran, achieving overnight success worldwide.  It is also during this period that British fashion house, Ghost, established a foothold in the fashion industry.  Since then with increased popularity, Tanya Sarne expanded her fashion house to include a series of product lines that include Ghost perfume.

Ghost perfume was established by Tanya Sarne in 2000 with the launched of her first perfume, Ghost perfume.  Even though little was mentioned about Ghost perfumes on the internet, however Ghost parfum has been one of the favorite fragrances in the industry today.  It is a true breed women perfumes that is designed and created by woman for women.  It is only women themselves who will understand their needs and preferences most.  Sometime we tends to think that people of the opposite gender will be more sensitive when it come to sensual feels, however what we do not know is that people of opposite gender tends to think in a way of what they know.  It is best left to the women, when it comes to creating or designing things for women, who will understand what a woman wanted and needed most.

Ghost Serenity Perfume

One of the instant successes of Ghost perfume is the Ghost Serenity perfume.  Launched in 2003 with the help of talented perfume nose, Michel Almairac, Ghost Serenity perfume has been an instant success as a night fragrance for women.  As its name implies, Ghost Serenity has the ability to bring peace and calmness to its wearer, helping its wearer feeling relax and feminine on the night out.  This is just the perfume you will need on your special night out at town, where you just need to relax and feel comfortable, releasing all your stress and helping you forget all the work that is left in the office or home.

When applied, you can faintly smell the wonderful mixtures of white musky fragrances comprising of Coriander, Bergamot, Green Leaves, Peony, Lily-of-the-Valley, Tea, Tonka Bean, Oakmoss, White Musk and Amber, that soothes your senses, helping you to relax and feel comfortable.  The mixtures come as an eau de toilette, with moderate essential oil concentration, is definitely not an overwhelming fragrance.  People who like their fragrance light will like Ghost Serenity perfume.  This woodsy-floral fragrance comes in spray bottles with a variety of sizes to suit your every needs and budgets.

Ghost Deep Night Perfume

Ghost Deep Night perfume is a great selection for date night, or a night on the town with the girls. The fragrance begins in boldness, like moon flowers bursting forth at twilight. As evening waxes and midnight draws near, Ghost Deep Night begins to change.

Night is an ever-changing time, running from the delicate gray shadows of twilight to the blue depths of midnight. The fragrance of Ghost eau de toilette follows these changes. Like a deep night ghost, it moves with ephemeral grace through various shades of fragrance. Bold musk becomes sensual fruit. Fruit becomes flowering bulbs under a rising moon. Flowers linger through midnight, fade with the dawn. Only mysterious memories of the perfume remain, floating in the wee morning hours as ladies retire in welcoming beds.

Ghost Deep Night perfume is a fragrance that is suitable for anyone and many occasions. Although the mysterious and lingering scents partner so well with romance and moonlight, the perfume is delicate enough to be worn on a day-time outing, in the office, or around the home. Its fluctuating scent will entice the man in any woman’s life to come closer for a drawn in breath, and other women will ask about the unique fragrance she is wearing.

Ghost Cherish Perfume

If you are thinking about buying Ghost Cherish perfume but don’t know much about it, maybe this will help.

Ghost the fragrance is a great smelling product. Sometimes when I feel like putting that extra little something on so that I smell good, this product is always the first to come on my mind. The fragrance is unique and original and I find that there is nothing like it on the market. I normally used in during the day or when I am out on a casual occasion. It is one such fragrance, filled with fragrance notes from pink grapefruit, green apple, freesia, rose, pink lotus flower, violet, cedarwood, amber, and musk, that is sweet and fruity.

When applied, the product feels light so you don’t feel like you’re drenched in it and is great for every season in the year. It also smells like it is more expensive than it really is. So if you are interested in this product you can find it using the link below or if you happen to be at one of the department store, be sure to visit the beauty section to get a bottle of it.

Ghost Sweetheart Perfume

Ghost Sweetheart perfume was launched by Ghost in 2008, and it had since effectively captured the sensitive scent of young romance. A feminine blend featuring oriental floral and citrus top notes with undertones of rich sandalwood. A steady stream of mellow vanilla and mint ties all the elements of the new Ghost perfume together.

I have found Ghost Sweetheart to have a nice balance of aromas. While certainly plentiful in effect, its sweet and spicy mixture is far from overpowering. I would equate the sensation to bright spring and summer seasons. Its light, fresh impact would be ideal for daytime wear, or for casual occasions.

Ghost Sweetheart perfume is highly recommended for a unique, ultra-femme eau de toilette that is easy to wear. It is purchased at moderate prices in bottles of 30 ml, 50 ml, and 75 ml, and as a 200 ml body lotion. Buy both for creating a special gift set!

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If you are looking for perfume and cologne that is of value for money, then Ghost Serenity perfume is a choice you should consider.  A woman will definitely like a product that is specially created for women by woman. Similar to Serenity perfume, another feminine fragrance that you can consider is Versace Bright Crystal perfume.

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