Vera Wang Perfume – One More Piece To Her Artistic Puzzle

Vera Wang is a well-known name in the fashion world. Her wedding gowns and signature dresses fit the female body like no other designer’s could, and she has become a legend in her own way. Sticking true to her own style, this designer has come up with her own line of Vera Wang perfume to make women feel even more beautiful than ever.  Whether you are looking for a gift for a special woman in your life or you wants something to wear all your own, something from the Vera Wang line could be perfect for you.

About the Designer

Many people associate Vera Wang with fashion alone, but she is actually much more than that. She dreamed her whole life of being an Olympic figure skater, but she was never able to achieve that goal. She has studied fashion in Paris and the United States, and has worked for Ralph Lauren and Vogue during her time as a designer. Although this New York native’s Olympic dreams were never met, she was able to design Olympic figure skating costumes to further the art and keep it going strong. Her newest collection of Vera Wang parfume is just another part of her legendary status in the world of beauty and fashion.

Vera Wang Princess Perfume

Vera Wang Princess Perfume

The Vera Wang Princess Perfume line is one of the most talked about releases from this artist. Housed in adorable heart shaped bottles, this perfume is made to make any woman feel like royalty. Each bottle has a crown on time for the nozzle, and from that comes an edgy, high-end scent that is one of a kind. This line features scents from dark chocolate, water lily, musk, mandarin meringue, golden apricot skin, apple, amber, and vanilla. It provides a youthful, sexy aroma for anyone wearing it, and one bottle can last for quite some time.

Vera Wang Sheer Veil Perfume

Vera Wang Sheer Veil Perfume

The name Sheer Veil may be inspired by this designer’s experience in the wedding gown industry, and the scent that comes from it is just what you would expect a light, floating piece to be. Vera Wang Sheer Veil perfume is designed to hug the contours of the female body and bring out an airy floral aroma any wearer can appreciate. It features notes of creamy lavender, violets, white lily, gardenias, champagne rose, white stephanotis, and dream rose. It is an interpretation of an existing bouquet designed for one of Vera Wang’s gowns, and it truly captures that wedding day glow in every drop.

Vera Wang Truly Pink Perfume

Truly pink is the ultimate Vera Wang perfume for women. The color alone is enough to grab some attention, but perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this perfume is the fact that it was inspired by a single pink rose. Other scents are featured in the perfume though, like violet wood, creamy wood, lily of the valley, iris, white freesia, lychee blossom, cassis, and peony. The range of light floral elements in this line makes it perfect for women of all walks of life. It is femininity at its finest.

Vera Wang Look Perfume

Perhaps one of the boldest and most talked about Vera Wang perfumes on the market, Look is made to stop the show. This fragrance was developed to awaken the senses and truly grab the attention of those in its path. It features and array of bold notes like mandarin, litchi, golden apple, and vanilla to enhance the beauty and presence of anyone wearing it. If someone walks by you with this on, you cannot help but “look” right at them.

Vera Wang Bouquet Perfume

Similar to many perfumes in the Vera Wang collection, Bouquet is inspired by a set of flowers, as indicated by the name. There is an edgy elegance to this fragrance that is unlike others on the market today, and it combines the scents of white iris, narcissus, Moroccan cedar, leaves, musk, lavender, and dew into one seamless aroma any woman can wear. Bottles are available in several different sizes to accommodate your needs, and this fragrance pairs well with any gown one would wear. It is made to fit the look and feel of classic Vera Wang style, and it effortlessly does just that.


No matter what kind of woman you are or what your style is, Vera Wang has a perfume in her collection that is perfect for you. This designer knows how to accentuate female features unlike any other, and she has transferred that knowledge from her clothing to her fragrances. You do not have to be a celebrity elitist to own a piece of Vera Wang history. Buy a bottle of perfume and you can have the legend in your home with you at all times. You already have the beauty for a foundation. All you need is the aroma that will bring your look to a completely new level.

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