Creed Perfume: A Royal Perfumes Fragrance

Creed Perfume has been around for years, 250 to be exact, and although they exist in a world where huge corporations rule the industry, this family owned company remains. This may be surprising to some but because of this London family’s dedication to hard work and desire to give customers top quality products, Creed has become one of the oldest family businesses in the world. Six generations have run the company and the seventh generation is now in training under his father.

The popularity of the perfumes fragrance was helped, in part by the British Royals who quickly learned of the exquisite product and soon made it part of the royal attire. Now, 250 years later the House of Creed has become popular among Hollywood stars, presidents, and emperors. Because of its popularity among the rich and famous, people often inquire as to where to purchase so a product. Getting a hold of this top of the line product is easier said than done. Very few American stores carry it, only the most exclusive. Samples are hard to come across. The lack of access is perhaps an effort to keep loyal clientele, such as the Queen, or even to protect its exclusiveness. Whatever the reason may be, outside of Paris it is very difficult to come by.

However, online shopping has opened a whole new world and has allowed easier access to these exclusive products. Oliver Creed, the current head of the House of Creed, has introduced his one-of-a-kind French fragrances to the rest of the world. This Master Perfumer has a knack for creating new perfumes fragrances, a rarity in the French industry. For this reason, Oliver and the rest of the House have experienced great success, both in France and around the world.

The products speak for themselves in both the original line and in the exclusive line. The natural components that make up the scents create an appeal for both men and women. Creed cologne is just as popular as the perfume with its rustic scent. Aside from the actual scent, the bottles themselves are works of art. Leather covered glass stoppers not only help preserve the natural perfumes fragrances; it adds a sense of elegance unmatched by other competitors.

House of Creed has created a family empire and anyone with the opportunity to try a Creed product understands the reason. This family owned company creates top of the time masterpieces that even the Royal Family appreciates. There is no other product on the market made with such precision and care and for this reason, Creed remains at the top of the list for French perfumes fragrance.

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