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Nina Ricci Perfume – What Is That Incredible Aroma?

Nothing stirs my memory better than an aroma. And nothing is romantic than an unforgettable fragrance. It is really quite simple. Humans were designed to associate smells with their experiences in life. I remember the subtle, sweet smell of my grandmother’s house after all these years.

Then came the moment that my beautiful lady asked me, “how do I smell?” And this time she was wearing something she had just bought. Something she had not worn before. That was a great evening, and her fragrance was a Nina Ricci perfume. Ms Ricci has no idea what an impression she left on me.

Nina Ricci Perfume

Some things are just perfect. My gorgeous new bride, this spectacular, starry evening and a fragrance that I will forever associate with that night. Perfect. There may have been a chill to the air, but to me it was far from cold.

Curiosity got the better of me. Surely not every fragrance that comes from this perfume line would be so memorable, nor would each of them smell the same on everyone who uses them. Thus I, the often sweaty football player, began my pursuit to find the perfect fragrance. What started as curiosity turned quickly into an adventure.

To be honest, I had no idea what I was looking for, and I was assuredly being led by my nose. Perfumes were originally created for women. Legend says that they were made for the goddesses. But the journey I took is definitely for a man. Regardless of your physical stature or sense of machismo. Simply put, a special fragrance worn by a captivating woman is more than enough to make the hardest heart go soft.

l'Air du Temps

This was great fun, and my eyes (and nose) are forever open. Suddenly I was a kid again, and the world was full of wonderful aromas. I must have acted like a bloodhound, with my nose perpetually engaged. But I came to the conclusion that fragrances, even to this footballer, are the very essence of romance. I even discovered ones I liked for the daytime and others I preferred for the evenings. It was a revelation.

But my biggest discovery was that my wife and Nina Ricci’s line of fragrances were obviously made for each other. It did not matter whether she wore L’Air du Temps or Eau De Toilette or Love In Paris, they were perfect together. Some things are meant to be.

Every man who loves a woman should try what I did. But, if you do, test the Nina Ricci fragrances at the last; maybe on a starry night. Then you will understand.

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