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The Beauty Of DKNY Perfume

First things first, the headquarters of DKNY is situated in Manhattan, New York specifically at 550 Seventh Avenue. Currently, there are 70 DKNY stores all over the world selling DKNY perfume. There are 20 DKNY stores in China, 2 in Canada and four stores in Dubai. A store has also been opened in Wales. Do note that since 2005, DKNY products have been similarly offered online.

Products available on the internet include DKNY Jeans, underwear and menswear, among others. Be aware that DKNY or Donna Karan New York is the fashion label of designer Donna Karan. The corporation specializes in accessories and modern apparel. It was found by Donna Karan herself in 1988 along with her husband Stephan Weiss and Takihyo Inc. (a fashion management company). The creation of DKNY was inspired by Donnas’ daughter Gabby. Essentially, the objective of Karan was to combine luxury and comfort in her line of clothing in order for it to appeal to her specific market. Eventually, DKNY became a venture that was publicly traded back in 1996. Later on, it was purchased by French Luxury Corporation Louis Vuitton in 2001.

Donna Karan is popular for creating designs, which use the human body as a guide. Her destiny to be a fashion icon seems marked on the day she was actually born. Take note that Donna Karan’s mother was a fashion model. Meanwhile, Donnas’ father worked as a haberdasher. She also attended the famous Parsons School of Design for a few years. Later on, she worked with Anne Klein to produce sportswear that is stylish yet affordable.

The DKNY Perfume

DKNY Perfume

DKNY produces numerous perfume options for both men and women. It was in 2000 when DKNY introduced its first cologne for men. DKNY cologne is specially made for the urban male thus making this product a 100% masculine cologne. In addition, such a cologne is ideal for the modern and busy man of the city. The men’s cologne offered by DKNY is a collection of trendy and sophisticated scents. Each DKNY bottle gives of vitality and strength. They are also scents, which inspire passion and exude a daring personality.

Within the collection of men’s DKNY cologne, a particular selection exists which suits any male style. The first DKNY Cologne was produced with a combination of spices, lavender and woody scents. Its objective was to create a refreshing overall fragrance. When it became a success, it prompted DKNY to proceed with other types of perfume line.

One DKNY perfume for men is the Be Delicious Line. It combines the masculine scent of nature and the large city, which therefore produced a complex yet simple fragrance. These range from coffee, woody, green and apple. Take note that the Red Delicious Men DKNY perfume is specially created to be tempting and provocative that it leaves a lasting impression on females. It combines rum, cognac, saffron and cardamom with a hint of mandarin and bergamot.

Women who love dangerous men similarly adore the latest release of DKNY men’s cologne, the DKNY Men. This specific perfume is for men who are not afraid to live an exciting and dangerous lifestyle. Each perfume bottle contain citrus, woods and florals which when combined produced a sexy and dark scent – characteristics which daring women find highly irresistible.

DKNY Perfume for women is similarly available. Such a scent is crisp and clean as it is made from citrus notes orange as well as tomato leaf and daffodils with yellow water lilies. It also has a slight hint of wet cobblestones and white birch.

DKNY Apple perfume

Meanwhile, the DKNY perfume apple is included in the new DKNY collection labeled as Delicious Candy Apples. It aims to expand the portfolio of Delicious DKNY perfumes via Sweet Caramel, Juicy Berry and Ripe Raspberry. The debut perfume of the Delicious portfolio was the DKNY Perfume Be Delicious. Launched back in 2004, it had a green-apple crisp scent as created by Maurice Roucel and was popular for its sensuality – perfect for office flirting.

Essentially, it is difficult to find a cheap DKNY perfume, as all DKNY creations are classy and elegant. For one, the DKNY Sweet Caramel has a fruity-floral sweet scent with hints of pear, apple, jasmine blossoms and marshmallow. It also includes green leaves, lilies, soft violets and vanilla with creamy caramel. The Cashmere DKNY Mist Luxe Edition meanwhile sells for $72 and is one of Donna Karan’s popular scents. This DKNY perfume is modern, intimate and sensual.

The Cashmere Eau de Toilette Mist is similarly as luxurious as the Cashmere Mist perfume since it combines the concoctions of lily of the valley, Moroccan jasmine, bergamot and sandalwood amber thus producing a very sumptuous fragrance. Meanwhile, the Cashmere Anti-Perspirant Mist Deodorant is a favorite due to its ability to keep you smelling fresh and dry the whole day. The experience of the Mist Body Creme DKNY Cashmere could be compared to wrapping your body in ultra-rich cashmere blanket thus leaving the skin feeling soft and nourished. Its texture is buttery and leaves the skin feeling seductive. Overall, you can never go wrong with DKNY perfume.

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