Aramis Havana Perfume Relaunch

Famous perfume brand by Estee Lauder, Aramis is relaunching one of its classic perfume Havana by Aramis through its Gentleman’s Collection.  The original Aramis Havana perfume was launched in 1994 as one of its classic perfume for men.  This oriental spicy fragrance for men was an instant success, however the production for this instant classic was discontinued with the introduction of newer fragrance by Aramis.

This well crafted perfume is the perfect perfume for someone who are looking to project a masculine image.  The fragrance with its warmness is definitely one of the best perfume perfect for the romantic night out.  Aramis Havana opens with top notes of Artemisia, Caraway, Mandarin Orange and Basil, then settle nicely into a hearts full of Carnation, Fir, Cinnamon and Tobacco that give its wearer the masculine scent.  It has a dry and woody dry down that comprises of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss and Vetiver that gives one the earthly feels.

Aramis Havana

Most of us in the fragrance line is always afraid of fragrance relaunch, as it always resulted in a totally new scents.  However, the Aramis Havana relaunch is an exact replica of the original classic that was launched in 1994.  For those who are used to the original classic, you will definitely find the new Aramis Havana relaunch under the Aramis Gentleman’s Collection a familiar scent.  If you have also missed this relaunch altogether, no worry as there is another means for you to get hold of the fragrance.

Estee Lauder who is the parent company for the brand Aramis, has a special program that is unique to the industry.  The program is called “The Estee Lauder Companies’ Gone But Not Forgotten program”.  In this program, you are able to request for a search of an already discontinued item that was discontinued in the past 24 months and is manufactured by Estee Lauder.  Estee Lauder will pour in the resources to assist in searching for the discontinued products.  Once they located the products, you get a chance to buy-up a total of six bottles of the fragrance but that also depends on stock availability.

The Aramis Gentleman’s Collection is available at Bergdorf Goodman and major retail outlets from October 2009 onwards while stocks last.  So act on it today to get yourself a bottle of the Aramis Havana relaunch before the stocks run out again.

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