Gianni Versace Perfume – Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

Designer: Versace

Olfactive Group: Floral Fruity

The Bright Crystal perfume was launched by Versace in 2006 as a flanker to the original Crystal Noir perfume. Versace has changed the formula this time round to include Pomegranate, Yuzu an frosted accord in the top notes that gives the perfume an overall fruity feels when applied. The perfume comes in a beautiful pink bottle that has a large crystal shaped cap that portray an elegant and prestige feels to possess one.

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

Even though the fragrance open with a fruity notes, do not expect it to feel sweet and fruity. You will be surprise when you are hit by the heart of the fragrance. With the amber and musk filling the backgrounds and forming the foundation of the stage, you will enjoys the flirting moments of a drunkard ballerina as the indecisive peony takes on the center stage as the perfume settle into the heart of the fragrance.

You will find that the original green tea note of the Crystal Noir perfume has taken a back seat in this flanker and the overall scents of Bright Crystal perfume is as soft and graceful as the voile of a wedding veil. The delicate and innocent feels of these ladies perfume by Versace has made this pink and cute fragrance the perfect fragrance for the wedding.

If you are looking for an all time perfume that is suitable for most occasion, then the bright crystal perfume is the perfect perfume for you.  Bright Crystal with its moderate and yet long lasting scents will definitely brighten up your day and making you feel sexy all day long.  This is just the perfume that you should not missed.

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes

Pomegranate and Yuzu

Middle Notes

Peony, Magnolia and Lotus

Base Notes

Amber and Musk

Perfume Reviews

I think Bright Crystal is the only Versace I could wear. The bottle is beautiful with a large crystal shaped cap and a pink perfume inside. This scent begins with very fresh top-notes…then dries down to a warming powdery amber/woodsy base that wears close to the skin. It smells so clean, refreshing, light, sweet, and mellow. I think the rose is dominant. It has that same fresh warm scent that you would get after having a bubble bath. Soapy yes, but also a comforting scent that I like a lot. The only disappointment i think is the staying power. If you want to wear this fragrance, you will need to reapply often.

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