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Since the inception of the company by its founder German Master Tailor Hugo Boss in 1923, Hugo Boss had been through a series of set-backs and returns to become what it is today. The company has progressed from being a tailor shop that made protective suits for workers to being a well-known fashion house for men, before finally becoming a fashion house that is famous for its lifestyle designer concept that provides men and lately women with a holistic approach towards an interesting lifestyle. Fragrances for men are just one of the licensed product lines that the company has launched under the lifestyle designer concepts.

Among the different types of products under the fragrance line, Hugo Boss aftershave is so far one of its best selling products. Most people in the market today would tell you that if you are looking for a suitable aftershave that will bring out the man in you, then you should first start off with a HugoBoss after shave. Hugo Boss through the years had produces some of the best aftershaves in the market that will be able to meet the very needs of every individual. The following are a few examples that you can start from;

Boss Selection Aftershave

Boss Selection perfume was created in 2006 and is followed by a series of lifestyle products that includes the Boss Selection aftershave. The fragrance is designed to portray the style of a successful Boss man, who is confident and proud of his achievements. It has a scent that is classy and elegant that is suitable for formal events or occasions. It has a sweet and spicy opening that slowly settle into the heart of geranium and star anise with a faint scent of cedar leaves lingering in the background. And finally the fragrance dried down to a woody masculine scent. The sillage is average, lasting between 4 to 8 hours depending on your body chemistry. It is a perfect choice for Spring and Fall when the weather is cooler but not that chilly or hot.

Hugo Element Aftershave

Hugo Element created in February 2009 under the young and trendy label Hugo of Hugo Boss, a definitely a fragrance for the young professional who is trendy and enjoys deciding the type of fashions for himself, living a carefree life. This is a pretty spicy scent in my opinion; however it does smell fresh and nice. If you are someone who likes to keep thing in low profile but yet longing for the attentions that you deserved, then this is the perfect aftershave for you. It will definitely spice up your life a little bit in its own subtle way. This is the perfect perfume if you decide to wear it during Summer or during the day, as it will definitely freshen up your day.

Hugo Dark Blue Aftershave

Hugo Dark Blue for men created by Alain Astori and Beatrice Piquet was launched in 1999 as an oriental spicy fragrance. If you like the day version of the Hugo fragrance, then you should definitely like this night version of the fragrance. This is definitely the aftershave to go with as a passionate lover or a heart-catcher that is bursting with endless creativity. Two words used to describe the scent are sexy and confidence. It will definitely bring out the man in you. The sillage of the aftershave is good and you will be surprised at how you will enjoy it after you started wearing it.

What we have covered today is just three of the many aftershaves that Hugo Boss has produced. There are still many Hugo Boss after shave that we have yet to covers, however you should be able to understand more about Boss aftershave after reading this article and made an informed choice when purchasing an aftershave / perfume for yourself.

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